ReproducibiliTea is a global initiative bringing journal clubs on reproducibility and open science to, at the time of writing, about 20 countries spread over 4 continents. There is more information on the initiative and current chapter on the ReproducibiliTea website. The Nijmegen club is scheduled to kick off mid-January 2020.


  • learn about cool papers/initiatives related to open open science and reproducibility
  • have friendly and engaging discussions about open science and reproducibility
  • meet new people interested in these topics in the Radboud campus
  • :tea: :tea: :tea:

Practical info

The journal club will meet every third Wednesday of the month at 16:00. The person who suggested the topic of discussion will introduce it in 10 minutes or under and then we discuss! Meetings will last no longer than an hour.


Stay tuned! The schedule for all upcoming meeting will be shown here. The next ReproducibiliTea will also be shown in the Agenda.


Everyone is welcome :blush:

We want to hear from anyone who’s interested in open science and reproducibility (pro or against) regardless of background, discipline, and career stage.