Upcoming events

See below for upcoming events. Have an idea for an event? Get in touch with us or open a new issue on our Github repo! We’re available on Twitter as @OSCNijmegen.

December 9 - Challenges and new trends in pre-registration :writing_hand: :thinking: :registered:

Learn about old and new ways of pre-registration!
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November 12 - Publishing under Plan S :new: :newspaper_roll: :thinking:

Learn what changes about publishing under Plan S!
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November 10 - Open Access step-by-step :open_book: :thinking: :open_mouth:

Learn all you want to know about publishing open access!
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October 28 - Make your code more readable through best coding practices :computer: :mag:

Learn how to write clean code!
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October 21 - ReproducibiliTea Nijmegen meeting :tea::tea:

Join us for discussion on open science and tea!
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