When: Thursday, June 17, 15.00 - 16:00

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What: Does science correct itself? | June 17, 15.00 - 16.00 by – Willem Halffman (Institute for Science in Society, Radboud University) As researchers, we are trained in the conviction that science is a process of constant self-correction, in which our fellow scientists systematically question our work and point out our mistakes. Unfortunately, there are indications that some lingering and systematic errors in research are not so easily corrected. Efforts of critical researchers to address systematic errors are often met with indifference, denial, or even outright hostility. I will discuss examples of error correction efforts, and evidence for correction failure, including some of his research on misidentified cell lines and antibodies. Shortcomings in error correction raise fundamental questions about what we can expect from the scientific literature.

Willem Halffman is associate professor at the Institute for Science in Society of Radboud University.

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