• meet new colleagues and have fun
  • improve www.openscience-nijmegen.nl
  • learn Git/GitHub and markdown along the way
  • spur new project ideas

Some basics

  • everyone is welcome to join
  • registration is not mandatory, but very helpful to the organizers
  • you can stay as long as you want/can
  • we (organizers) will provide coffee and food during the break

What are the prerequisites? :white_check_mark:

There really only is one:

Bring your own laptop (or, well, whatever device you’re comfortable working with) that you can connect to the internet.

What can you learn at the event?

Once you dig in the issues, you’ll be more comfortable writing and publishing in markdown (if you aren’t already). Also, hopefully phrases like ‘oh, the code is on my repo’ and ‘just fork the repo and do a PR’ will make a bit more sense (if they don’t already). :blush:

Useful external resources

On-site workflow :repeat:

  • find the issue you’d like to work on
  • you work on any way you like (e.g. writing in google docs or your text favourite editor)
  • once you’re happy with your work, you fork (‘copy’) the OSCN repository and make changes to your fork
  • then create a pull request (PR) to our repository to include your changes into the OSCN repository
  • somebody reviews your contribution
  • after a successful review, contribution is live!
  • go back to step one :blush:

Timeline :clock3:

(14.45-15.00 site setup, krank-up laptops, finding plugs :electric_plug: etc.)

15.00-15.10 :coffee: coffee and intro
15.10-16.00 :wrench: doing (see possible contributions below)
16.00-16.10 :pizza: break, stretch, food! (or keep on doing)
16.00-16.50 :wrench: more doing (see contributions below)
16.50-17.00 :tada: wrap up and plan ahead

How can you contribute?

Contents :pencil:

Contribute by writing new contents and updating existing ones. No coding skills needed. Just eagerness and team spirit 😊

Example issues (those with ‘contents’ tag):

Website functionality :nut_and_bolt:

Feel like the website is missing something (a button somewhere for something, a tab for something somewhere?). Jump right in. Tackling these issues will will be easiest if you are familiar with Jekyll and GitHub pages. We’re using the Minimal mistakes Jekyll template.

Example issues:

Website organization :bookmark:

If you’re happy with buttons and search bars, but think we’re missing out on something altogether, give your contribution here. The current organization is a result of on-the-go building, so there’s certainly room for improvement.

Example issues:

Other :watermelon:

By definition, we don’t know what we could do here. But you might. If so, shoot!


In case you’ve questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!