When: Thursday, 28 October from 10:30 to 16:30

Where: Online! Register here to get the link and password. The same link is used for all the individual activities in the schedule.

What: The Radboud University Library team has teamed up with the OSCN to organise a day of events around the topic of research data management.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

More information on the activities is provided below.

Welcome + Introduction – by the Open Science Team (University Library)

The Open Science Team from the University Library (Jeroen Bos, Inge Slouwerhof, Theresa Redl) welcomes you and will talk about the support they offer.

Jeroen is Open Access Officer at the Radboud University Library.

Inge is Coordinator Research Data Management Support at the Radboud University Library.

Theresa is Research Data Management Specialist at the Radboud University Library.

From chaos to order: Efficient file management – by Johannes Algermissen, Hannah Peetz & Eva Poort

Have you ever tried to retrieve a lost file? Or to make sense of an analysis script you wrote two years ago? Do you sometimes hate your past self? Have you ever handed in the wrong assignment? Join us for an event that will help you solve many of your future-self problems. We’ll share our best tips for naming things, file management and sharing files with others (including your future self). And don’t forget to bring your sniffer dog, as there will be an exercise on “Find the File”.

Johannes is a PhD student at the Donders Institute.

Hannah is a PhD student at the Behavioural Science Institute.

Eva is a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

CANCELLED Data stewardship at the RU – by the Team of Data Stewards

The discipline-specific Data Stewards will present themselves and the specific support they offer with regard to (local) policies for data storage and management. Political scientist Alex Lehr will briefly share his experiences.

Data horror escape room – hosted by Jeroen Bos

Learn about data management and sharing while escaping Professor Hutseephluts’s office.

Does data management sound scary to you? Wait until you’ve done this escape room! Data managers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterda (VU) have developed an online game where you can explore the horrors of bad data management, and that teaches you how to improve your own ata management. You will be assigned to teams of 2-4 persons with whom you participate in the escape room together. This is a great way to meet new OS-enthusiasts!

The escape room takes approximately one hour. No research data management knowledge or experience is needed. Come try it out, if you dare!

Jeroen is Open Access Officer at the Radboud University Library.

See you there! :wave: :sparkles: