When: 28 November, 2019 at 15:00 - 17:00.

Where: Instruction room of the Trigon Building (Kapittelweg 29, 6525 EN Nijmegen)

What: A hands-on workshop on using git and GitHub for collaborative work. Organized in collaboration with the Dondrite study association for students of the Cognitive Neuroscience Masters.

In this workshop, we’ll set you up with the minimal basics needed to start using Git and GitHub for version control in your projects. In the first part, we’ll do a git crash course and demos of the basic scenarios you’ll use for the second part.

In the second part, we’ll work together on a project hosted on a GitHub :octocat: repository. There, you’ll start using the real magic of git :boom:, meaning you’ll work on issues, pull changes from others to your repo, push your changes to the remote, make a PR, review your colleagues’ contributions, merge the changes … (as a bonus, you’ll get tons of new jargon to throw around). To prep you real good, we’ll also show you how stuff can go wrong (been there, done that).



time what topics covered
15.00 intro workshop goals & overview of useful resources
15.05 benefits of using version control, Git command line basics starting a Git repository, recording changes, undoing changes, viewing changes
15.20 basic collaborative workflow :octocat: ‘pushing and pulling’ changes, creating a pull request, reviewing a pull request
15.40 Q & A, hands-on prep clone the hands-on repo, add first changes
15.50 break :coffee: :cookie: :coffee: :cookie:
16.00 hands-on project using GitHub issues, contributing to a public repository, resolving Git conflicts, creating forks
16.50 wrap-up (quick preview of what you can learn next) integrating git with IDEs, version control for manuscript writing, gitHub for project management, troubleshooting

How to best prepare for the workshop

If possible, make sure you have a GitHub account prior to coming to the workshop. That’s the service we’ll use for the hands-on part. It will save some time if you already have an account.

Note, you can apply for the GitHub pro account as a student. (pro is not required for the workshop, free account will do just fine)

The workshop is self-contained and you don’t need to prepare for it. But if you’re eager, we list some useful resources below. Dig in!

Useful resources :book: