Educational resources

Open Science Mooc online course on open science tools
The Open Science Training Handbook an open, living handbook on open science training
Foster Open Science e-learning platform for open science training resources
Paywall: The Business of Scholarship Documentary about the need for open access in academic publishing

Organisations, communities, initiatives


Center for Open Science
cOAlition S an initiative campainging for full and immediate Open Access to research publications Pledge to do only open source science from now on
freeourknowledge a collective action platform where researchers can pledge to change their behaviour in line with various open science goals
rOpenSci a non-profit initiative developing an ecosystem of open source tools centered on R language




Amsterdam Open Science Community Amsterdam
Eindhoven Open Science Community Eindhoven
Groningen Open Science Community Groningen
Leiden Open Science Community Leiden
Rotterdam Open Science Community Rotterdam
Utrecht Open Science Community Utrecht
Nijmegen you are here!
Tilburg Open Science Community Tilburg

Nijmegen Campus

Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud Open Science Open science initiative of the Radboud University
Copyright Information Point (CIP), RU Library Getting competent answers surrounding the rights to your or others publishable work (within hours of working days)
Copyright Information Point (CIP), RU Library Getting competent help surrounding publishing and copyright
Open Access Initative of RU Library What the Libray of the RU has to offer in terms of open access
RIS Interface Register and upload your publications, full text and datasets
Research Data Management Support Get support or feedback on your (funder-required) data management plan
Radboud Repository Store and share your data, code and other digital material responsibly
Radboud Open Access Browser Search for deals and discounts for some journals, list publisher’s policies

Research and data management annotate the web, including pdfs and preprints and every thing you want others to see online and open science framework, start your science here and never stop it
eLife’s Gigantum initiative open data science platform versioning of data, code and environment like GitHub but for science protocols

Scholarly publishing

Open Access Netherlands information on OA deals with Dutch universities
Narcis Dutch National Academic Research and Collaboration Information System of NWO and KNAW
Innovations in scholarly communication a survey on tool development in scholarly communication
Sci-Hub free access to paywalled scientific articles
Unpaywall a database of open access articles
Open Access Button find OA research contents where to submit your work next initiative to move towards community-owned free open access publication systems The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ all the open access journals listed Sherpa/Romeo all publishers policies

Decentralized publishing

DEIP decentralized research platform
frankl block-chain open science platform
Artifacts getting the full fragmentstack on a block-chain


Björn Brembs fighting for realization of open science and more
Fossils and shit personal blog of Jon Tennant


ThinkCheckSubmit Checklist to avoid predatory publishers ThinkCheckSubmit Check which Creative Commeons (CC) license you need