Organisations, communities, initiatives


  • Center for Open Science Supports open science globally by providing tools and training
  • cOAlition S An initiative campainging for full and immediate Open Access to research publications
  • Pledge to do only open source neuroscience from now on
  • freeourknowledge A collective action platform where researchers can pledge to change their behaviour in line with various open science goals
  • rOpenSci A non-profit initiative developing an ecosystem of open source tools centered on R language



Research and data management

  • Annotate the web, including pdfs and preprints and every thing you want others to see online
  • and Open science framework, start your science here and never stop it
  • eLife’s Gigantum initiative Open data science platform versioning of data, code and environment
  • Like GitHub but for science protocols

Scholarly publishing

Decentralized publishing

  • DEIP Decentralized research platform
  • frankl Block-chain open science platform
  • Artifacts Decentralized publishing using blockchain