The core mission of Open Science Community Nijmegen is twofold: raising awareness about the principles and values of open scholarship and facilitating the adoption of open practices at the local level of individal scholars, groups, and institutions present on the Nijmegen campus. These goals are achieved by publishing resources on this website and through organization of local events.

Open scholarship advocacy

OSCN promotes the use of and adoption OS practices. This is achieved primarily by maintaining resources (website) and through future events. We also collaborate in events organized at the national and international levels. In advocating for OS, the targets of OSCN resources and activities are:

  • familiarizing scholars with advantages and disadvantages of OS
  • familiarizing scholars with their possibilities in using OS workflows and tools
  • encouraging presence of local OS expertise in (inter)national OS events
  • lobbying for change with local policies and decision-makers

Facilitating the adoption of open scholarship

OSCN wants to foster open scholarship skill development in individual scholars active on Nijmegen campus. OSCN resources and activities contribute to:

  • familiarizing scholars with the OS infrastructure and workflows available on Nijmegen campus
  • encouraging scholars to adopt OS early in their careers or during their time on Nijmegen campus
  • motivating scholars to develop and share local OS expertise